Indian Singers Are Famous Worldwide

India is one of the most diverse countries in terms of culture and heritage. It has since time immemorial had a great multicolored and musical legacy. Dance and Music are fundamental characteristics of the country s culture. They are connected with the spiritual and societal lives of the Indian community.

The Love Of People Towards Music

The perfect definition of music has not yet been discovered yet, but one close definition is that it is a form of art consisting of audible sound soothing to the human ears. Human beings have generated different forms of music, starting from the beginning of music era. Music varies according to culture, society, language etc….

Importance Of Sheet Music

With passing time, everyone has a different story of their learning experiences and success. When we talk about the music industry, there are many singers who have become an idol of many beginners. Without them, the songs sung wouldn’t sound interesting and touching. These musicians have brought in beautiful melodies that soothe our mind whenever…

The Journey Of A Music Artist

Music is something that is beyond human characteristic likings and dislikings. It is liked by every one though its genre can be different. Some may like the classical music style or to some hip hop and rock style would be worth making a choice. Besides these there are several genres available with the music like…

Bodhran : Stylish Irish Drums

When we talk about the Irish music we cannot forget mentioning the musical instrument Bodhran. Basically it is made of a wooden frame which is 26 to 65 cm in diameter and having 9 to 20 cm in depth. The top is covered from the goat skin and the other end of the instrument is…